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GETTING STARTED: "Full Body Rom Assessment"

"Range of Motion (ROM) Assessment" is a vital component of the BAFL System, as it guides the software to develop your fully customized Corrective Program. The BAFL program will keep track of your progress from your assessments to ensure you are always on the correct program for your physical health goals. Your corrective program will help you prevent injury, gain flexibility and improve longevity in your body. Your corrective program is tailored to you and your muscle imbalances.

It is recommended that you take a new assessment once a month to keep track of your score and to receive regular updates to your BAFL Program.

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View Body This feature allows you to see a visual rendering of how your body looks from the inside out. Muscle imbalances, patterns of repetitive motion or lack of motion, and weak areas are all highlighted for your comprehension.

Assessment Report On this page you can view and read in detail about where your imbalances are and learn what areas of your body need to be stimulated to decrease the likelihood of injury and to prevent further physical deterioration. This report will allow you see what motions are restricted and also what injuries might occur if a corrective plan is not put in motion. This report also tells you what sports might be hindered because of your muscle imbalances.

Recommendations On this page you can access information about your corrective program. Audio, text and video prompt keep you on track.

Member Profile and TrackingThis is where you will access all reports. These reports will allow you to have a detailed view on your physical health. This page you can also access the 3D Graph feature that keeps track of all your Self-Assessment and Pain Scores so you can clearly see your progress over time.

Pie ChartsThese reports offer a look into the company as a whole on who is at risk- this feature can only be accessed by "Main Admin", this feature can also be shut off.


If you are doing the recommended corrective program exercises at least 3-4 times a week, you should see and feel a difference in your body within the 1st week of using the BAFL system. After the first month, gradual and consistent improvement can be expected over time.

Health Benefits of BAFL

Helps Promote Muscle Health

Prevents Injuries

Pushes Oxygen and Nutrients into Depleted Joints and Muscle Tissue

Reduces Joint and Back Pain

Increases Range of Movement in Joints

Improves Mechanical Efficiency and Overall Functional Performance

And Much More...

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Meet Loretta McGrath!

Loretta Lynn

Hello! My name is Loretta McGrath; I've been a health and wellness professional since 1989. I have studied range of motion (ROM) and body mechanics for over 16 years. Helping people achieve better health is my passion and I am 100% committed to seeing people reach their goals safely and effectively. I've developed two programs, Body Alignment For Life (a self-applied range of motion evaluation) and the Dynamic Body Stretching (DBS) System (an assisted range of motion evaluation). I invented both software programs when I realized that many of my clients had limited range of motion, joint stiffness and weak areas that could be significantly helped by regular specialized corrective sessions. I also created the programs so that other health professionals could understand where their clients were physically to better treat their clients based on knowledge of their client's physical imbalances.

Having had major spine, hip, shoulder, and feet issues for many years, I knew I had to find the root cause of all my pain or my future was going to more of the same issues. I knew back surgery was not going to fix these problems but that seemed to be the only other option according to the doctors. I researched how I could fix my own body from these injuries, but there was little to no education out there. Being in the health and wellness industry for many years I knew this was a huge hole that needed to be filled. People need to have more options on how to get out of pain and or keep themselves away from injury or surgery. I knew I had the answers but I needed to take another approach to find a way to “self-heal”. I spent years studying my clients and myself, how the body functioned how imbalances occurred and the effects it had on the body. I understood that if I could find the “root cause” that creating a corrective plan was going to be the easy part. Finding this information was going to be key to understanding how to start a corrective plan. I needed to find a way to see what was going on INSIDE to make it easier to see the whole picture so I could focus on the task at hand. I am a visual person so seeing the entire picture of my physical health really allowed me to connect to what was going on and help me create a plan of action. Once I understood all my imbalances I understood where the root cause was. It all started when I was born, I was born with my left leg twisted backward, although I wore a leg brace for the first 3 years of my life to correct my leg, the muscles in my hip were still weak and imbalanced. No rehab was done on my hip to help the muscles understand what they were supposed to be doing with this new forced movement. Once I understood this and saw that the software was pointing to my hip it all made sense. I was very happy I did not get the back surgery that was suggested, as that was not the root of the cause if I had my pain would have persisted today. I created the BAFL software so that people could start to be informed about their own physical health also begin to take an educated approach on how to correct the problem.

I will never say this software will help everyone, but I do feel it is a great starting place to understand your own physical health. Taking a responsible and knowledgeable approach to your own physical health is the wave of the future.

If this software helps just one person get out of pain or off pain medication then I have done what I was out to do!

More on the software programs:

The BALF software is a hands-on (ROM) self-evaluate program with guided instructional videos. The software generates an individual corrective program that consists of an individualized video series tailored to you and your muscle imbalances. (BAFL software is mainly used for the individual user or in a corporate setting.)

The DBS software is an assisted (ROM) evaluation- applied to the individual by a trained professional called a DBS Specialist. The stretch therapist applies the range of motion evaluation to the individual to get the most accurate data for the corrective program, after the collection of the data the corrective plan is then applied to you while you lay back and enjoy.

-The DBS software was designed to be utilized in conjunction with health and wellness centers, chiropractic, medical facilities, high-risk employees and workers comp claims.

I am determined to be proactive in assisting people in overcoming their physical imbalances. I conferred with orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, physical therapists, body workers, massage therapists, and sports trainers to create a comprehensive, proprietary computer program for my BALF and DBS programs.

Since the program's development, I have been fortunate enough to see my systems dramatically change the lives of countless people, from the elderly to athletes. Today, there are numerous certified DBS Specialists using my techniques to make health and wellness fun, easy and accessible to all. I am so proud to be a part of the health and wellness community and I look forward to being a part of your journey to a healthier and more active, youthful life!

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