How Body Alignment Can Change Your Life

What if I told you the pain in your shoulder, hip, feet etc. are rarely caused by the area that is admitting the pain. More often than not this pain is a referred pain from the root cause. Finding the root cause is imperative to rid your body of pain and stiffness.

Don’t you think it’s important to understand what is going on in your body before you decideto do surgery, or even a corrective plan of action?


Body Alignment For life is a software program that allows you to gain the knowledge about your current physical body blueprint by applying our full body range of motion assessment to yourself. After viewing the instructional videos on how to grade each range of motion then entering the data into the software, the program generates a 9-12 page of detailed information on:

  • Current body flexibility health
  • Tight muscles
  • Weak muscles
  • Imbalanced muscles
  • What sports and movements are hindered
  • High risk for injuries
  • Joints at risk for injury
  • Pain patterns
  • Root cause of pain or injury
  • And much more….

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Body Alignment for Life - 4 Easy Steps:

1. Full body Range of motion Assessment:

2. Results Are Then Entered Into Our Proprietary Software Program

3. A Customized Video Program is Generated Tailored to YOU!

4. Results Bring Flexibility and Muscle Balance


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About Us

We believe knowledge is key to guiding you to the best choices for you! Especially when it comes to your health! Body Alignment for Life gives you that knowledge and keeps you on track to a pain-free body. Understanding where you are physically gives you an edge of knowledge which allows you to get to your goals faster and more efficiently. Understanding where you are currently is KEY to any successful program. Having a starting point is always Number 1. No wasting time doing exercises that are not in your best interest nor effective for you and your body.

Enjoy your Youthful Body!